Sydney Islamic Radio opened an office in Lakemba, Sydney Australia to pursue and launch Voice of Islam’s Radio Broadcasting project. Live broadcasting through Internet started on November 2002 Alhamdulillah. Live broadcast of 24 hours daily Programs include :

> Islamic classes,
> Al-Jumuah Khutbah broadcasting from within and outside Australia,
> News pertaining to Muslims from all around the world,
> Documentary programs pertaining to Islamic issues and Muslim countries,
> Social and moral programs,
> Learning contests,
> Commercials and many other programs.

All thanks are due to Allah. We ask for His help and guidance, and we ask for His forgiveness for any errors we make.

The ease and speed by which information is transmitted today has made our world seem small. All kinds of messages enter our homes every day from the world outside. Few, if any, of these messages are Islamic in spirit. Popular entertainment in Australia reflects a culture that is not God-centered. News and current affairs programs often betray a distinct anti-Islamic bias.

How can we, Muslims living in Australia, bring more positive images of Islam into our homes? How can we show our children positive alternatives to the un-Islamic culture around them? The answer is simple.

The media outlets that are available to others are also available to us. We can use these outlets to provide accurate information about our religion, both for ourselves and for non-Muslims. A Muslim media outlet could also present an Islamic viewpoint on current religious, social, and political issues.


Voice of Islam's objective is to establish a radio station that would broadcastboth English and Arabic programs in Australian cities. This radio station would have the following mission:

To provide news analysis.

To share Islam with non-Muslims. Western society is hungry for spiritual truth, and an Islamic radio station could reach many people who otherwise would never hear the truth about Islam, the religion of peace.

To provide accurate information about Islamic beliefs and practices. This would be a crucial service both to new converts and to lifelong Muslims whose practices may have become culturally influenced.

To provide children's programming that would show Muslim children the beauty and value of their religious heritage.

To strengthen the bond between western Muslims and their brothers and sisters in the Islamic countries of the East, through news features, shared programming, and perhaps dialogues between western and eastern Muslims.

To encourage the formation of additional Muslim broadcasting organizations in all media outlets.

We ask Allah, the Almighty, the All-Capable, to enable us together to establish this project in the best manner possible.